Short-yardage Textile Finishing

InoTEX is supplied with common finishing machinery so that it can provide capacity in the field of pre-preparation, dyeing and fabrics modification to potential customers. Drum apparatus enables pre-preparation, bleaching and dyeing of clothing e.g.: socks, shirts, jeans wear, etc.
We are capable of matching demanded colour respecting fastness requirements for the product processed.
Except that we are capable of developing special modification technology with customer's required properties.
In the field of coating modifications we offer front-side and back-side modification of paste and foam fabrics, e.g.: softening, stiffening, hydrophobic, non-sliding, thread non-shifting, flameproof barriers and modifications lowering heat permeability e.g.: materials for ironing boards. We are as well ready to apply Black-out method for stopping light penetration. If customer's demands exceed our production capacity we will provide co-operation with larger producers.