INOTEX Ltd. is successor to Research Textile Finishing Institute (RTFI). It was founded in 1992 and in 1996 took over RTFI and follows its traditions. Textile manufacture history of Dvůr Králové area goes back to 16th century. It became main centre of textile industry in Bohemian lands in 19th and at the beginning of 20th century and therefore the International Federation of Textile Chemists and Colourists (IFATCC) was founded here in 1908.

Organised research textile activity dates back to year 1949 when predecessor of RTFI was founded, Research Institute of Czechoslovak Textile Enterprises. After initial personnel and space problems Research Finishing Institute, later Research Textile Finishing Institute, became well known to European textile public as an organisation disposing with excellent experts reaching significant achievements in principal branches of textile finishing, especially with orientation to cellulose materials and its blends.

After becoming independent in 1989 the company strengthened beside research activity even specialized productions as production of textile auxiliary agents, and short-yardage textile production.
Since 1993, INOTEX Ltd. is a member of the Society of Science and Technology Parks Association CR and runs “The Center of Textile Technologies and Education”

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