Short-run Machinery Production

Indivisible part of Inotex is centre #4, which concerns with piece production and small-scale production.

Centre History

For many years activities in this centre were understood as supplementary activities for application of new textile finishing technologies. From 1970 we can talk about systematical creation of centre that can provide production of devices for textile laboratories and test-rooms, modifications of manufacturing machines etc. Except that we worked on several individual customers' demands as projection and realisation of chemical stations. We also worked on some more difficult projects as for example on the demand of Czechoslovak Scientific Academy we constructed two devices for eye contact lenses production.
In 90's due to market opening we expanded our co-operation with other producers and suppliers. This lead to better final feasibility. .

Current Production Program

  • Small-scale production and piece production of spare parts for textile machines

  • Sewing machines in several different modifications depending on demands

  • Production of classification and adjustment tables

  • Coating adapters for drying and fixation machines

  • Production of washers and viewers of rotation patterns for printing machines

  • Stainless containers and tanks including mixers, direct and indirect heating, measurements of temperature and concentrations for dyehouses, finishing mills and chemical stations

  • Production and service of devices for textile laboratories and test-rooms

  • Single purpose production of devices for textile and car industry

Devices Produced in InoTEX

Brief description of devices produced in standard modification or in special modifications demanded by customer. Click the image to enlarge it.

Sewing machines

InoTEX produces two basic types of sewing aggregates PSS-1 and PSS-3.


Sewing machine PSS-1 has Union Special head, type 39500 QPZ. This modification is designated for thinner materials. Travel is powered by transmission electromotor with chain transmitter in both directions. Frequency converter manages speed of travel. The device can be equipped by air operated clamping bar.

Technical specification:

Width of the seam: 9,5 mm Max. thickness of fabric: 2,5 mm Standard width of the product up to 3 400 mm, on demand even more.


Sewing machine PSS–3 has Union Special head, type 81500. This modification is designated for thicker kinds of material. The device is equipped by its own cutting device and can be also equipped bye air operated clamping bar. Frequency converter manages speed of travel.

Technical specification:

Width of the seam: 19 mm Max. thickness of fabric: 16 mm Standard width of the product up to 3 400 mm, on demand even more.

Classification table

The device is designated for viewing, classification and winding of fabrics on a roll or big lap. Product is taken from lap or from storage palettes where it is guided through illuminated desk where faults are inspected and marked. Behind the desk fabric is guided to rising winder where it is winded on a paper tube or big lap.
The device is equipped by length measurement instrument with possibility of length pre-selection. After finishing winding of pre-selected length the machine stops. The device has it's own electric scissors with hand powered travel on guiding cart for cross sectioning of the fabric. The system of side shifting of paper tube is part of the device. The fabric stays side adjusted on the tube, it is very convenient for goods stored on pallettes. The speed of the table can be continuously regulated and reverse mode for about 3 meters is possible too.

Coating Adapter

The device is used as supplement for stretching, drying and fixation machines (SDF), that enables coating modifications of fabrics using technique of air spatula followed by drying in SDF. It's possible to use it for coating of different finishing preparations in the form of pastes or foams by direct coating with brush onto fabrics respectively coat a layer of foam onto the fabric. We provide mobile pump for coating pastes as special accessories.

Pattern Washer

The device is designated for washing of rotation printing patterns in textile industry. Washer is made out of rust-resistant material and enables simultaneous washing of two patterns. The main part is stainless bath with two stickers for slinging of patterns and two pairs of rotation brushes with sliding mechanism. Stickers have jets for cleaning both sides simultaneously.

evices for Dyehouses, Finishing Mills and Chemical Stations

Inotex projects, designs and realises construction of chemical stations with dosing and mixing work baths, level watch, temperature and concentration measurement etc. We are able to provide works connected with preparation for installation as water and power distribution etc. This includes production of stainless containers and tanks, mixers, direct and indirect heaters etc.

Our company produces different sizes of mixers in wall form or column form. We also produce mobile pumps for use with chemicals.

Production and Service of Devices for Textile Laboratories

INOTEX in co-operation with ATELIER TECHNIK produces chemical FOULARD. The device is designated for laboratory dyeing and squeezing of patterns of fabrics. Foulard has 2 rollers, which can be both vertically and horizontally adjusted. The width of rollers is 500 mm. Hardness of rollers is optional. Speed of the foulard is 0 – 40 m / min, continuously adjustable. Pressure between rollers is powered by air-hydraulic transmitter with possibility of pre-selecting the pressure