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Inotex provides colour matching on the basis of customer's demands. We have set up about 50 databases on the basis of customer's substrates that we use for colour matching. Our company provides testation of dyes
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Sumifix dyes are reactive dyes of Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. for cellulose fibres, applicable to exhaust dyeing, continuous dyeing, printing etc.

From the viewpoint of reactive system, Sumifix dyes are classified into the following groups:

- Sumifix dyes – Medium temperature reactive type dyes - Sumifix Supra dyes – Medium temperature reactive and high fastness type dyes - Sumifix HF dyes

Sumifix dyes

are vinylsulfone reactive dyes, some of which are suitable for exhaust dyeing with good wash-off property.

Sumifix Supra dyes

jare vinylsulfone/monochlorotriazine bifunctional reactive dyes developed and first marketed by Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. and are suitable especially for exhaust dyeing, mainly for Pad-Batch. Sumifix Supra dyes have the following advantages: - High degree of exhaustion and fixation - High reliability and reproducibility due to wide optimum dyeing temperature and good levelness - High fastness to perspiration-light, chlorinated water and peroxide washing - High stability to acid hydrolysis

Sumifix HF dyes

are reactive dyes for exhaust dyeing with optimum dyeing temperature at 70-80 °C. Sumifix HF dyes have following characteristics: - High fixation and less coloured waste water - Less inorganic salt addition for substantial cost reduction in dyeing - High build-up of colour and suitable for medium to heavy shade dyeing - Excellent dyeing reproducibility - Remarkable washing-off property leading to totally rational dyeing process - Excellent fastness property

Reactive dyes


Yellow 2GL 150% gran. Yellow GN special 200% Yellow GR 150% Brill. Orange GRS 200% gran. Brill. Orange 3R 135% Red B 150% gran. Brill. Red G 150% gran. Brill. Red BB 150% gran. Brill. Blue R spec. Brill. Blue R 150% gran. Brill. Blue GL conc. gran. Turquoise Blue G 225% Black B 150% Black ENS 150% gran. BlackEX (A) conc.


Brill. Yellow 3GF 150% gran. Yellow 3RF 150% gran. Scarlet 2GF 150% gran. Brill. Red GF 150% gran. Brill. Red 3BF 150% gran. Red 4BNF 150% gran. Blue BRF 150% gran. Turqoise Blue BGF Navy Blue 3GF 150% gran. Navy Blue BF gran. Navy Blue GNF Brown RNF gran. Blue RNF gran. Marine BNF gran.


Yellow 3R Scarlet 2G Red G Red 2B Blue 2R Blue BG


Yellow E-XF gran. Yellow Brown E-XF gran. Rubine E-XF gran. Red E-XF gran. Crimson E-XF gran. Blue E-XF gran. Navy Blue E-XF gran. Black E-XF gran.


Brillantgelb V-4GL Brillantgelb V-GL 200% Gelb V-GR Gelb V-R Goldgelb V-RNL Orange V-3R Rot V-RB 133% Rot V-5B Bordo V-B Brillantviolett V-5R 200% Marineblau V-GG Dunkeblau V-HR Brillantblau V-Rspez. Turkis V-G neu 110% Brillantgrun V-6B 110% Blau V-3R Braun V-GR neu Tiefschwarz V-GRN 150% Schwarz V-B 150% gran. Schwarz V-RL

Vat dyes


Gelb GC Gelb 3RT Orange 3G Red 3B Red 6B Violett 4RN Dunkelblau BOA Dunkelblau DB Marineblau RA Blau RCL Blau BC Grun XBN Olivgrun B Braun RN Braun BR Braun 2G Braun G Oliv R Oliv D Grey CLB Direktschwarz AC Violett XBN


Gelb 3GL Goldorange G Brillantorange GR Brillantviolett 3B Blau BC Blau GCD Grau CL


Blau RS Oliv R Direktschwarz RM

Disperse dyes


E-RD Trichromate for Rapid Dyeing

Yellow E-RD Red E-RD Blue E-RD

Economical E-type Trichromate

Yellow E-3G Red FB 200 Blue FBL-E

S-type Trichromate for Medium & Deep Shades

Yellow 5GR Red F3BS 150 Blue S-FBL

Dischargeable Trichromat for Ground

Yellow G-FS Red BS 200 Blue R 300

Trichromat for P/NP Microfiber

Y/Brown SER 150 Rubine 2GFL Blue F2GS

HW Series for High Wet Fastness

Y/Brown S-HW Rubine S-HW Blue S-HW T/Q Blue S-HW Navy S-HW Black S-HW Navy ECO-HW Black ECO-HW

Eco-Tex Friendly Navy & Black

Navy S2GL Navy C2R Navy SE-R 300 Navy S-EF 300 Black KSL Black SE-RN 400 Black S-EF 300 Black SE-MD Black CR Black SF Black SE-SF150 Black S-EF 150 Black ECO-WB 150 Black SE-WF 150 Black P-FS Black D-RF Black D-BF Conc. Black D-GF Conc.

and other Lumacron dyes, designated for VT and thermoisolation processes of dyeing

Yellow 4GSL Yellow SE-4G Yellow C-5G Orange EC conc. Orange 2RF Orange FM Orange H3R Scarlet 2R Scarlet 2GH Scarlet SLK Scarlet GS200 Red C-BN Pink REL 200 Red F3BS Red FRL 150 Rubine BLS 200 Rubine CB Bordeaux SE-BL 200 Blue S-CR 200 Blue RSE 200 Blue 2BLN Blue S-FSBL 300 Blue BBLS 200 Brill Blue S-R Turquoise Blue S-GL Green C-6B Brown S-3R and series of Black, eg. Black S-RN 400%, RD-3G etc.


Eco-Tex Friendly Dyes Yellow H-EF Conc. Yellow H-EF Scarlet H-EF Red H-EF Br. Blue H-EF Blue H-EF Navy H-EF Black H-EF Trichromat for Diacetate Yellow G Reg GG Blue BNG S-GF Series for High Gas Fastness Blue S-GF Brown S-GF Navy S-GF Black S-GF


Pigment disperses suitable for dyeing and textile printing


Yellow 8G Yellow 3G Yellow 2G Yellow R Yellow GS Orange Y Orange O Orange G Orange DC Orange F2R Scarlet YD Scarlet R Scarlet G Scarlet H742E Red R Red BD Red FK Red 5R Red RLD Red BB/1 Red 181 Red 2B 150% Rubine DC Pink 3B Fuchsia B Red Violet Bordeaux RS Royal Blue R Blue 3G Blue B Blue RR Navy 328E Navy W Violet B Turq. Blue G Green YG Green G Green 2KB Brown 4W Brown 3K Brown 2R/2 Brown T Grey BN Black TK Black NG


Fl. Yellow Fl. Orange HM Fl. Red BR Fl. Pink Fl. Magenta Fl. Green


Pre-reduced sulphur black, liquid Sulphol Liq. Black LSB